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Horizon Percussion

Planning has begun for the 2024 season and our trip to Horizon Percussion's first-ever WGI regional! If you're interested in joining our staff, please fill out the form on the Contact page. If you're interested in becoming a member, more information about auditions will be released in the fall of 2023.

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Joshua Hendley

Joshua Hendley


As a seasoned performer and educator as well as one of the founders of Horizon Percussion, Joshua wanted to give kids one of the most amazing experiences of their lifetime and to have their time at Horizon inspire them to be the best people and musicians they can be.

"I am excited to use the strengths and talents I have to help Horizon progress forward as a team and as an ensemble, but more than anything else I am excited to be able to help the students at Horizon have the best indoor experience they can possibly have. I know firsthand how much marching with an ensemble can mean to someone, and I'm glad I get to help Horizon provide our students that sort of ensemble and family."

Shad Woffinden

Assistant Director

Horizon Percussion is the brainchild of Shad. After noticing a void in the indoor percussion activity in Utah Valley, he took it upon himself to create an opportunity for youth and young adults to experience the competitive indoor percussion activity. In the summer of 2019, he built a team of designers and educators to help create Horizon Percussion. He has been with the ensemble since its inception and continues to lead it to new heights.

Shad Woffinden

Jessie Whittaker

Front Ensemble Caption Head

Joining us for a third year, Jessie Whittaker will be our Front Ensemble Caption head.

Andrew Allen

Music Coordinator, Front Ensemble Arranger

This is Andrew's fourth year with Horizon Percussion. He has been our front ensemble arranger from the beginning and was our front ensemble caption head in 2021.

Andrew Allen
Percussion: Meet the Team
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