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About Us

Our Mission

The primary objective of Horizon Arts is to provide learning and performance opportunities for youth and young adults that develop their character, leadership skills, artistry, musical ability, and selflessness.

Additionally, Horizon Arts strives to build a tradition of excellence that the organization will come to be known for; to appropriately represent the state of Utah and the performing arts nationally and worldwide; and to stimulate interest in the study and teaching of music and the arts.

Founded in 2019, Horizon Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organization based out of South Jordan, Utah, and is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Announcing Horizon Winter Guard

With the unanimous approval of our board or directors, Horizon Arts is excited to announce that we will be adding an independent color guard to our list of programs in winter 2024.

I’ve frequently heard from color guard directors and performers that they wished for more independent units in Utah. Because Horizon Arts already had the framework built for these types of ensembles, I began putting together a hypothetical scenario of what would be required to create these groups including a financial plan, potential rehearsal venues, and potential staff. After socializing this plan with members of the color guard and performing arts non-profit communities in Utah, I felt comfortable taking it to our board of directors for approval.

Since Horizon already has an indoor percussion program, and indoor color guard programs require similar resources, myself and the board felt like this was an appropriate next step to fulfill our mission of providing “learning and performance opportunities for youth and young adults that develop their character, leadership skills, artistry, musical ability, and selflessness.”

We look forward to sharing more information with you as we continue to kickoff this new chapter of Horizon.

-Blake Morgan

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Meet the Team


Blake Morgan

Executive Director

Blake Morgan helps keep Horizon Arts up and running so that our ensembles have the resources they need to succeed. As a seasoned performer and professional percussionist, Blake has been on stages throughout throughout out the US and China, marched with the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps, and has been on the staff of several award-winning high school ensembles.

Jessie Whittaker Headshot

Jessie Whittaker

Operations Director

Helping us from the beginning, Jessie brings her formal education in non-profit management to the table. She works to make sure our programs function in a way that fulfills the mission of Horizon Arts and provides a safe, uplifting experience for our participants. She is also on the staff of our Horizon Percussion ensemble.


Joshua Hendley

Founder/Horizon Percussion Director

As one of the founders and original directors of Horizon Percussion, Joshua wanted to give kids one of the most amazing experiences of their lifetime and to have their time at Horizon inspire them to be the best people and musicians they can be.

Shad Woffinden Headshot

Shad Woffinden

Founder/Horizon Percussion Asst. Director

Horizon Percussion is the brainchild of Shad. After noticing a void in the indoor percussion activity in Utah Valley, he took it upon himself to create an opportunity for youth and young adults to experience the competitive indoor percussion activity. In the summer of 2019, he built a team of designers and educators to help create Horizon Percussion. He has been with the ensemble since its inception and continues to lead it to new heights.

About: Meet the Team
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